How to talk with anyone about Anything

Rules that really Work:Though family members sometime fight and disagree about wrong and right, They can always talk it over and try to better understand each other.

In a world that can be cruel, We all should use these tools to help our families get along,

care for each other,and be strong.


1. start now, talk often real communication is explaining your point of view, and saying how you feel about something,and asking how someone else thinks and feel.

2.Be a good listener, by listening carefully to what someone has to say, you can learn a lot about what makes them happy, what makes them angry, where they are confused, and what they are asking you to do. Do not interrupt. Do not argue. keep your mouth closed and your mind open. Do not Criticized someones knowledge (or Lack of it). Be sure you understand what is being said before you agree or disagree.

3. Be Available When something important comes up give the person you are speaking with your full attention. Put down your phone or magazine or computer.

4. Keep it simple Do not use big words or long complicated sentences Do not drag misunderstanding from the past. People sometimes need help understanding the difference between immediate and long-term consequences.

5. Keep it clean nothing kills real communication faster than sarcasm.

6.No Yelling, No exceptions!!!!!!

7. Be patient giving someone time to sort out their feeling and thoughts to put them into words is very important.

8.Honesty is the Best policy Brief ,courteous and truthful answers about something specific.

8 Agreement is not always necessary good talks make things go better while sometimes difficult can often bring you closer together.

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