Delusion, Illusion, Cognitive Distortion

Delusion, Illusion, Cognitive Distortion

Can be centered in the realm of the three if you require all three to explain or define the truth.

You are suffering-from cognitive distortions; this is simply away that our mind convinces us of something that isn’t really true. These inaccurate thoughts are usually used to reinforce negative thinking or emotions — telling ourselves things that sound rational and accurate, but really only serve to keep us feeling bad about ourselves.. While illusion can be termed as perceptual disturbance, delusion can be called as belief disturbance.

Illusion is something that is caused by outside influence but delusion is caused by one’s feelings.

Illusion happens when you are fooled by your vision but delusion happens when you become a fool of yourself because of your beliefs.

While illusion can be termed to be external, delusion can be called as internal. Delusion is a fixed belief, which can be either false or fanciful. Illusion is only distortion of the senses.

While illusion is a physical phenomenon, delusion pertains to the mental aspect.

Only you can determine your truth while contemplating the facts of the absolute truth.

Let these three words delusion, illusion distortion not define your purpose in this life

For wearing of rose colored glasses can be detrimental.

Let’s try to see your truth without being affected by them. Remember that Addiction can provide you with all three the definition of these three words will help you to determine the truth.

Your response to this topic is welcomed as it is in all that I post.

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