Jacquelynne T. Goodman

Masters Degree in College Student Development and Administration

Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Vocational Counselor, Educational Manager

Vocational Counselor

Help with resume writing, employment,work skills,writing a cover letter,Completing application and Job search.


Educational Manager

Teach nutrition,parenting skills, everyday Living Skills, Balancing a Check Book and help with

Test taking


Sharon E. Miller                   
Personal Balance Acupuncture           

 In 2009 I began my journey into the realm of Alternative Medicine, earning my Bachelor of Science degree in just that, Alternative Medicine Through acupuncture I learned there is a detox protocol that has been highly successful.  It was first initiated at the Lincoln Center Hospital in the Bronx of New York. 

I have witnessed the devastation of this community epidemic first hand; I now wish to bring this detox protocol here to Martinsburg and surrounding areas through my company Personal Balance Acupuncture.  I am hopeful that this contribution will facilitate a new perspective in bringing peace and a brighter future to those whom have fallen victim to the perils of addiction.

Additionally, this particular acupuncture protocol can also be utilized for situations of trauma, abuse and PTSD.  The wonderful news is that acupuncture works on not only the physical concerns of addiction, abuse or trauma, but also treats the mind and spirit to accommodate the associated weaknesses, incurred during rehabilitation and after.

S.M.I.L.E. Initiative

Spread Motivation, Inspiration, Love


Bekah Hayes
Meredith Barrett

Coming Together for a Good Cause

  Currently, Bekah and Meredith are partnering to build a company called S.M.I.L.E. Initiative. At S.M.I.L.E Initiative, we strive to Spread Motivation, Inspiration, Love Everywhere! We recognize the need for a holistic wellness program in the eastern panhandle and will provide tools necessary for maintaining healthy lifestyles and mindsets. Our programs encompass wholesome values by incorporating activities involving art, exercise, nutrition, self-love, connection with nature, and giving back to the community.

  The opioid crisis has hit too close to home and we want to do our part to assist the community effort. We offer programs to all ages in addition to our focused program for at-risk youth in the community;  We are hopeful that by providing our clients with healthy coping skills and outlets, we will ensure them a brighter outlook on life.


We Have partnered with Rob Young who is the proprietor of the Young Harvests Farm.
Rob Young

The union with the farm allows Center Inc. to insure our community shelters receive fresh vegetables picked from the Farm . We are proud to be able to serve our community during the time of pandemic. We thank Rob Young for all that he does for all communities alike.

If you would like to receive veggies delivered to your community shelter in Martinsburg drop a line

via our Website Centerinc.net or email Centerinc1602 @gmail.com

 you can also view our FB page to see pics of what we do.