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We are proud to announce that our New Blogger is From the Eastern Panhandle, Ms. Ginnie Maurer is a renowned author who writes a column for the Martinsburg Journal. CenterInc. Welcome her volunteer work with open arms to the Center Inc.


What did you think as you opened your eyes this morning? Did you worry about your future? Did you

wonder how you were going to feed your children, how you would pay your rent? Or were you grateful you had an eye to open to see the morning? Were you grateful that you could smell the rain that had fallen last night? Were you grateful that you could taste that first sip of coffee? 

Often we are fearful of the future because we have no idea what it will bring. Instead, if we find gratitude in what we already have—our five senses, our fortitude to overcome obstacles, our legs and arms that move fairly well, our heart that pumps our blood, and our bones that hold us upright, then we have everything we need to start the day. 

We can be grateful for the blessings coming our way each day. Following Native American traditions, we can pray to each of the four directions and to Father Sky and Mother Earth and thank them for the blessings coming our way today. If we find a penny on the pavement, we have been blessed. We are 1 cent richer and we got a little exercise.  

Blessings come in all sizes and shapes but we have to have our eyes and ears open to see and hear them. We need to keep our hearts open, as well. And we have to believe we are worthwhile enough to receive them. Then when we recognize all the blessings we have, we can say “thank you.” “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” (Meister Eckhart)

Author: Ginnie Maurer

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I'm clean today because I choose to be. I think the idea that it's an incurable disease is ludicrous. Bad behavior is a part of growing up. Accepting responsibility for your behavior and making necessary changes really goes a long way. In my experience that's what works for me.  

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you  have been and there you will long to return"--- Leonardo da Vinci

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Welcome to our music corner: We provide this corner of our blog for those who are musically inclined. We use music as therapy and allow  you the opportunity via our blog to express yourselves. We believe that enticing the creativity in ones mind will entice the endorphins to generate a sense of happiness and well being. This expression can get lost in the transition from Addiction, Abuse or Trauma to living a life of sobriety. 

We hope you will enjoy this segment of the President's Blog.

Rafael Zuniga