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                                                    Our Mission

 Founded in 2017, the Center Inc. a multifaceted organization that occupies a unique place in the world of philanthropy.   By mobilizing and leveraging the powerful voice and creative talents of the entire community, as well as cultivating the support of organizations (public and private) and philanthropists committed to social responsibility.  Center Inc. goal is to build awareness and raise funds, developing and enhancing programs on the local, national and global level that facilitate positive social change and awareness.  The Foundation also supports and encourages the philanthropic efforts of all members of the community.  Center Inc. focuses on five critical areas: Human resources, health, education, the environment, hunger and volunteer service.  Center Inc. works to create a tipping point of change in these areas and in this way we, as a nation, solve problems, individually and collectively, to improve the lives of others.  Center Inc. creates high-profile programs and events that address critical social issues, as well as those that inform, inspire and raise significant funds for sustainable initiatives that can stimulate innovation and transform lives.  Center Inc. responds to urgent needs of our communities.

Break Free from Addiction & Let us Help You Get Better

At the Center Inc., we treat the whole person-mind, body and spirit.  This is done by retraining and redirecting the endorphins in the brain to find pleasure with an intense overall session and program tailored especially for our clients. The Center Inc. strives to provide our clients with top notch education along with cutting edge technology to not only start them on the right path towards a healthy life but also to maintain that balance for a brighter future!

Recovering from an addiction disorder largely involves the brain.  Our clients will learn new ways of thinking and healthy behaviors which will lead to a better living environment; this process increases and encourages a break- through from addiction.

The Breakthrough of an Addiction....

While other addiction treatment centers diagnose patients based solely on the description of the symptoms, also known as “guesswork”, we at the Center Inc. know and focus on what the true problem is by using the process of disregulation of the brain from trauma. This enables us to create a partnership to end a lifetime of addiction and promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

This program uses state-of-the-art intervention and skill development which includes mindfulness, meditation, imagery, motivational enhancements and cognitive behavioral strategies.  We guide participants to define their own vision of recovery by providing individualized and practical assistance so that they can make positive choices to improve their quality of life. We support our clients who are involved with medical assistant treatment. This educational programming model does not use the “12 Step” method however we do encourage potential clients to incorporate the Center Inc. with their current rehabilitation program to enhance their journey to recovery.

You are Not Alone….We are Here for You!

Sign up for a private consultation with our clinical Social Worker.  During the assessment phase of your recovery process we will perform a Psycho Social test to identify a specific condition(s) that need to be addressed.  This phase allows us to determine the appropriate courses of action in order for you to receive a positive educational learning experience.


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